America has become a nation of obese diabetics.  Two-thirds of us are overweight, and fully one-third are obese.  Why has this suddenly occurred in just a few decades?

It's not because we're lazy, as some suggest.  We're actually exercising as much as ever.  And exercise does not cause weight loss to any significant extent in the first place.  Exercise is critical for health, but you can't exercise your way out of a bad diet.

The real problem is that we're overfed but under-nourished.  We eat lots of food that is calorie-dense but nutrient-poor, such as bread, pasta, cereal, and sweet drinks.  These foods starve our bodies of nutrients, so our bodies release hormones that tell us we're still hungry — but we respond by eating more of these same non-nutritious foods, thus repeating the cycle.

The solution is to eat foods that are more nutritious, and avoid foods that are mostly empty calories.

How do we know that's the solution?  Because of the countless thousands of people who have returned to a healthy weight, reversed chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis and IBS, and generally reclaimed their health — all by simply returning to nutrient-dense, real-food diets like the Primal Blueprint and the Whole 30.